The Importance of Supporting Local Farmers and Markets

There are several corporate retail chains and stores across Australia taking away customers and income from so many local farmers and markets. That is why you should join us in our mission to help hundreds of local farmers and markets stay in business here in Australia.

If you are still on edge, here are just 3 reasons why we should support our farmers by shopping local.

The Healthier Choice

Buying fresh produce is the healthier choice compared to imported products you can buy at big grocery stores. Think about it, the fresher the food supply and ingredient you buy, the better it is for your health. Buying fresh produce from local markets means you get all the nutrients you want from a product.

The Importance of Supporting Local Farmers and Markets 1 - The Importance of Supporting Local Farmers and Markets

Good for the environment

Did you know that locally grown food is good for the environment? So, in a way, you are helping save the planet by buying products at local markets. Well, that is not enough for sure. So, here is an explanation.

Local farmers practice responsible and eco-friendly practices when growing their products. This means the usage of minimal or zero chemicals and fertilizers. These practices sequester carbon, therefore, maintain a healthy environment in their farms and subsequently to nearby areas.

That is why the federal government is spending more and more money to support local farmers and to give them the resources they need to improve their services.

Support Local Economy

Supporting local businesses means supporting the local economy as well. Small businesses are the backbone of local economies here in Australia. These businesses inject a lot of money into the local economy which can then be used to develop areas in many forms.

It is also important to keep in mind that these local businesses are not as robust as big retail stores making them prone to insolvencies and being shut down.

Help the Community

These local businesses are owned and managed by members of the community you are part of. You might be friends with some of them. Supporting these types of businesses goes a long way for them, especially financially.

Think about it, these people rely on these businesses of theirs. They generate money to support their family, send their kids to college, or to simply have something at the dinner table every day.

Your part in this is important because it enriches the community as a whole, therefore, impacting the lifestyle of so many people.

Improve your quality of life

Buying fresh produce is not only good for your health but your mental wellness and mood as well. There is a strong sense of camaraderie and compassion you give as well as receive by supporting local farmers and markets.

So, is there a local farmer’s market nearby you can go to? If there is, then don’t hesitate to do business with them as they are sure to be stoked to do business with you as well.