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Every year, dozens of food and wine festivals here in Australia are held gathering thousands of people at a time. These festivals and events highlight the diversity and quality of food and wine available here in the country.

So, if you are looking for a food and wine adventure, here are the festivals and events you should consider going to.

Tasting Australia – Adelaide

Tasting Australia is truly an event you can’t miss as this is where and when you’ll discover true and historic Australian cuisine rooted in South Australia. In this festival, there are more than 100 events including food presentations, cooking classes, lunches, dinners, brunches, and so much more.

The event is not located in one area alone as food activities are scattered across Adelaide like Flinders Range, Kangaroo Island, Barossa, McLaren Vale, and more. You are sure to find something that is perfect for you right here. This is Australian cuisine at its finest.

The Truffle Festival – Canberra

Truffle is probably one of the most expensive ingredients out there. That is understandable given the process of making them. By the way, do you know how truffle is made and prepared? To learn more about it, the Truffle Festival is the one to go to.

Every year, local farmers, chefs, food historians, and foodies gather at Canberra to experience the Truffle Festival. Here, you find out the entire process on how truffles are prepared. There are also a bunch of markets selling unique truffle products for you to enjoy.

Dozens of new ingredients are also introduced in this festival so make sure to take notes. The Truffle Festival is centred on curiosity and appetite. Both will be satisfied and more.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – Melbourne

Surely one of the biggest food and wine festivals here in Australia. The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival offers more than 200 events not only in Melbourne but across the entire state of Victoria.

Here, you get to enjoy food and wine servings that have been perfected for many years by world-class chefs and wine artisans. Witness masterclasses on how the finest wine products in Australia are produced and what makes them standout.

We highly encourage that you experience at least one of these three festivals. You are sure to have the time of your life.

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