About Us

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Owen Quinn, the man behind Vincenzo’s was working as a janitor when he started the business.

The Inspiration behind Vincenzo’s

Back in 2012, Vincenzo’s was working for minimum wage as a janitor for a local food market in Caringbah. He was working day in and day out. The idea about Vincenzo’s was inspired by Quinn’s financial struggles of living from paycheck to paycheck.

Quinn had to search for local stores that sell the products he needed at prices he could afford.

He was able to do it and then, he wanted to help other people do it too. That is how Vincenzo’s started. He first started with simple phone calls and text messages to people. He was then approached by an organisation of local farmers looking to promote their products.

Vincenzo’s goes Online

In 2015, the website for Vincenzo’s went live and with it, more than 600 local stores across New South Wales offering affordable products. The website quickly blew up and it helped a lot of people better budget their money.

Vincenzo’s also helped a lot of local markets, eateries, delis, and shops stay in business with local customer support.

Now, Vincenzo’s has more than 4,000 stores in its database.